Edit: I wrote this entry some time ago. But as I’ve been experiencing some troubles with my youtube account, I wasn’t able to post it. Its true, actually, that since last January, the word “Reichenbach” is definitely engraved in my mind, evoking certain kind of drepressive feeling.


Since my mood these days can be described as “Reichenbach feeling” I’ve made a video about it. Not exactly about Sherlock, but about The Reichenbach Falls and what happens there, what it makes me feel and think about. First time using movie Maker but enjoyed quite a lot so I’ll probably keep on practicing ^__^

The poem I used (translated in Spanish) is Childhood song, by Peter Handke.  Co-writer of the great german movie Der Himmel über Berlin (Wings of Desire. 1987) directed by Wim Wnders, in which the poem appears and for which it was created. I picked some strophes, not the whole of it. Here you have it in languages other than spanish (english and the original german) I highly recommend the movie, by the way.

Reichenbach makes me think of water…………………the kind of water from which one’s unable to scape.